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macd cross expert advisor

MACD Cross Expert Advisor

The MACD Cross Expert Advisor uses the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator, which is a very popular identifying trend changes. In forex trading, this Expert Advisor (EA) is particularly engineered to spot instances where the MACD line crosses the signal line, which is often seen as a sign that the trend direction is about … Read more

ma cross expert advisor

MA Cross Expert Advisor

The MA Cross Expert Advisor is designed to exploit crossovers between different moving averages. It is mostly used to identify potential entry and exit points based on the crossover of a fast and slow moving average. When the fast moving average crosses above the slow one, it often signifies the onset of an uptrend, triggering … Read more

rsi bollinger bands expert advisor

RSI Bollinger Bands Expert Advisor

The RSI Bollinger Bands Expert Advisor blends two mostly used technical indicators—the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Bollinger Bands—to give a profitable trading strategy, primarily suited for forex markets. With this combination, traders can use RSI to see if currency pair is overbought or oversold and Bollinger Bands to see how volatile it is. All … Read more

close all trades ea

Close All Trades Expert Advisor

Forex trading requires precision, timing, and a keen eye for detail. While entering a trade is a crucial step, knowing when and how to exit is equally important. Traditional methods involve closing trades manually, a process that can be time-consuming and susceptible to human error. That’s where a Close All Trades EA comes into play, offering … Read more

trailing stop ea mt4

Trailing Stop Expert Advisor

This Trailing Stop EA allow traders to secure profits while simultaneously mitigating losses. The EA is very simple and works for every opened trade. Unlike traditional stop-loss settings, a trailing stop is much more flexible and offers a better way to control risk and maximize profits. So, what exactly is a Trailing Stop EA? Simply … Read more

auto sl tp ea

Auto Stop Loss and Take Profit Expert Advisor

Manually placing stop-loss and take-profit orders can often be a game of catch-up with the market. This is where auto stop-loss and take-profit expert advisor come in as a game changer. This auto sl tp ea also has the trailing stop function and works seamlessly with MT4 and conduct the arduous task of risk management … Read more

Close trades after account profit reached

Close Trades After Account Profit Reached EA

In forex trading, one of the biggest challenges traders’ faces is knowing when to exit their positions to maximize and secure profits. While tools like stop-loss and take-profit orders are widely used for individual trades, what about a strategy to exit multiple trades once a certain level of overall account profit is reached? This is … Read more