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pip collector indicator

Pip Collector Indicator

What is the Pip Collector Forex System? The Pip Collector Forex System is a popular trading system that has gained a lot of attention in recent years. With its advanced trading algorithm, risk management features, and user-friendly interface, the Pip Collector Forex System is an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced traders. How does … Read more

Support And Resistance Breakout Arrows Indicator

Support and Resistance Breakout Indicator

The Support and Resistance Breakout indicator displays Buy and Sell Arrow Signals when the price break out the Support and resistance lines on the chart. It is an intuitive trading tool frequently used to pinpoint significant price levels where the asset is likely to experience a change in direction. Support and resistance levels serve as … Read more

Trend or Range Indicator

Trend or Range Indicator

Trend or Range MT4 Indicator shows you whether a pair is trending or ranging. It shows ADX and CCI values for multiple timeframes to help you decide which trading technique to use. Sometimes you’ll see short-term trends against the H4 and D1 trend. However, trading with the long-term trend is the best approach. Green is … Read more

Hull Moving Average Non Repaint Indicator

Hull Moving Average NRP Indicator

The Hull Moving Average NRP Indicator (HMA) offers traders a highly responsive yet smooth moving average. Unlike traditional moving averages, the HMA minimizes lag, offering quicker entry and exit signals that don’t repaint, meaning they remain fixed once formed. It captures the current state of the market and uses recent price action to determine if … Read more

Atr Stops Indicator

ATR Stops Indicator

The Average True Range Stop indicator help traders to spot the trend direction to place trades. The indicator also points out pullbacks that are strong enough to warn that the current trend may be in danger. Before each trade, determine the best settings for the trade. You can do this by adjusting the ATR Stops … Read more

Quantile Bands Indicator

Quantile Bands Indicator

The Quantile Bands MT4 Indicator attempts to divide the market into equal pieces using quantiles. Those quantiles are displayed by the two outer bands. Using the standard settings of the indicator, those bands show the 10% and the 90% quantiles. Using for example the 10% quantile in this context means that 10% of all values … Read more

trade exposure indicator mt4

Trade Exposure Indicator

The Trade Exposure indicator shows a table of open positions within a sub-window below the main trading chart window and lets you see profit and loss values for all your open positions in one place. This allows you to see your open positions and your running profit/loss for each position at a glance. This can … Read more

tma trend detector indicator mt4

TMA Trend Detector Indicator

The TMA Trend Detector indicator detects the trend of a currency pair for different time frames. It has been built using the triangular moving average (TMA) indicator, a technical indicator similar to other moving averages. The TMA shows the average (or mean) price of an asset over a specified number of data points—usually several price … Read more

synergy pro apb bars indicator mt4

Synergy Pro APB Bars Indicator

The Synergy Pro APB Bars indicator is a modified version of the traditional Heikin-Ashi bars because of the extreme volatility in the Forex. This Synergy Pro APB Bars indicator only displays the candles (no bands), which is extremely effective in trading. Heikin-Ashi is a Japanese term translated as ‘Average Bar’; therefore, the name, Average Price … Read more

supply and demand indicator mt4

Supply and Demand Indicator

The Supply and Demand Indicator is a revolutionary tool in the trading landscape, designed to pinpoint areas where buying or selling pressure is likely to emerge. By identifying these “zones,” traders gain an edge in understanding market psychology and are better positioned to predict future price movements. This indicator accurately draws the supply & demand … Read more