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Supply and Demand Indicator

The Supply and Demand indicator accurately draws the supply & demand zones of a currency pair on the chart. It identifies zones on the chart where demand overwhelms supply (the demand zone), driving the price up, or where supply overwhelms demand (the supply zone), driving the price down.

How to trade the indicator:

Most traders wait for the price to enter these zones, where major buying or selling activities have taken place before entering a long or short position themselves. Thus, it makes sense to buy at a demand zone and sell at a supply zone, but keep in mind that fresh zones are more effective than retested ones. They can be used as entry zones for a continuing trend or as reversal zones for a changing trend.

This is a MetaTrader 4 (MT4) indicator and works with all currency pairs and all timeframes. Once you download and install the indicator, it will appear in your trading chart, like the image shown above.