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Synergy Pro APB Bars Indicator

The Synergy Pro APB Bars indicator is a modified version of the traditional Heikin-Ashi bars because of the extreme volatility in the Forex. This Synergy Pro APB Bars indicator only displays the candles (no bands), which is extremely effective in trading. Heikin-Ashi is a Japanese term translated as ‘Average Bar’; therefore, the name, Average Price Bars. This modification reduces the overstretched length of High and Low wicks found with normal Heiken-Ashi bars; and, it allows the APB to run closer to current Close price conditions.

Benefits of Synergy Pro APB Bars

Average Price Bars provide a better depiction of the current market by eliminating or reducing fluctuations in nominal price action, often referred to as “choppiness” of current High, Low, and Close price action. In other words, the Synergy Pro APB removes the noise of price distortion.

The APB allows a trader to focus on the underlying trend. This is analogous to oceanic subsurface currents such as the Equatorial Undercurrent, an eastward-flowing subsurface current that extends the length of the equator in the Pacific Ocean. Years ago, researchers discovered their deep-underwater devices drifted eastward as the surface currents of the Pacific Ocean flowed westward following wind conditions.

Similarly, in trading the markets, there are two currents: surface and subsurface. The surface current is the immediate trend with choppy price action related to spontaneous reactions from institutional and retail traders. Whereas the subsurface current is the underlying trend that is less affected by market spontaneity and runs the course of the typical price. In my own trading, I have found if I focus on average price movement instead of Close prices, the market conditions seem less volatile, and my perception of the market is more balanced.

Another benefit of the APB, it tends to reveal market strength and consolidation bar by bar.

How to trade the indicator:

As mentioned above, the APB candlestick is designed to follow the underlying trend within current price activity and is color-coded accordingly. There are five variations of APB:

1. Buy Long APB – Blue body with blue wicks
2. Sell Short APB – Red body with red wicks
3. Short-body APB – Either blue or red body with corresponding wicks.
4. Reversal APB – Either a blue body with red wicks or a red body with blue wicks.
5. Consolidating APB – Either blue or red body with gray wicks.

Here is the complete guide on how to trade with Synergy Pro APB Bars indicator. Click here.

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