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forex market sessions indicator mt4

Forex Market Sessions Indicator

The Forex Market Sessions indicator shows the most significant trading sessions of the Forex market, such as London, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney. The sessions are displayed as colored lines on the chart, and the operating hours of the trading sessions are also displayed separately on the chart. In addition, you can adjust the session … Read more

engulfing bar indicator mt4

Engulfing Bar Indicator

The Engulfing Bar indicator identifies any bar that engulfs the bar just prior to it. That means the high and low of the engulfing bar itself will always, as a rule, extend beyond the highs and lows of the bar prior to it. This indicator will alert on the chart the two types of engulfing … Read more

bollinger band trend indicator mt4

Bollinger Band Trend Indicator

The Bollinger Band Trend indicator displays the current trend of the market analyzing per the set bollinger band parameters. If the market is trending the indicator will display “Trending” on the chart and if the market shows a sideways movement, it will display “Ranging” on the chart. The indicator has inbuilt alerts and notifications. This … Read more

3 moving average crossover indicator mt4

3 Moving Average Crossover Indicator

The 3 moving average crossover indicator uses 3 moving averages of different time lengths to create signals on a chart. The default three moving averages used are the 10-day MA, 20-day MA, and 40 day MA. You can change the moving average types (to sma, ema, weighted average, etc) and the periods from the indicator … Read more

adx dashboard indicator mt4

ADX Dashboard Indicator

The ADX Dashboard indicator is a 5 speed multi-time frame analysis indicator that can be used to monitor the strength of the current trend of a currency pair. It uses ADX speeds 7, 21, 42, 89, and 144 and shows the current trend power from time frames M1 to D1. This is a very accurate … Read more

support and resistance lines indicator mt4

Support and Resistance Lines Indicator

The Support and Resistance Lines indicator automatically plots the support and resistance lines at different price levels on the chart. The green lines show the resistance level and the red lines show the support level. How to use this indicator: Trade the “Bounce” – Buy when the price falls towards support. – Sell when the … Read more

Automatic Fibonacci Indicator

Automatic Fibonacci Indicator

Automatic Fibonacci is an indicator that automatically plots Fibonacci retracement levels based on the ongoing trend direction. The Fibonacci highs and lows are automatically updated in real-time using the maximum and minimum points available on the chart. You can zoom in/out and scroll to adjust the Fibonacci levels accordingly. You can also select the color … Read more

price volume histogram indicator mt4

Price Volume Histogram Indicator

The Price Volume Histogram indicator uses vertical bars to display the amount of volume at different price levels. How to use this indicator: – Price levels with peak volume indicate more interest at those price levels. Longer vertical bars should be monitored for possible future support/resistance. – Price breaking above a peak volume bar indicates … Read more

breakout zones indicator mt4

Breakout Zones Indicator

The Breakout Zones indicator is a MetaTrader 4 (MT4) indicator that can be used with any Forex Trading System. It draws 2 red lines on the chart. The upper red line is called resistance while the lower red line support. How to trade the indicator: – A buy breakout trade occurs when the price exceeds … Read more

peak hilo indicator mt4

Peak HiLo Indicator

The Peak HiLo indicator is a MetaTrader 4 (MT4) indicator that automatically plots the Highs and Lows on the trading chart. The high and low refers to the high or low that price has reached over a certain time frame. Having the high and low marked would then make it clear when the price is … Read more