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Reversal Signal Indicator

The Reversal Signal indicator generates signals for trend changes based on the time period on which you are trading. This really lives up to its name as it provides good buy and sell signals across the market. Its user interface is not complicated, which makes it easier for you to make buying and selling choices without having to look at a complicated trading screen.

I truly advise you not to follow every signal when using the Reversal Signal indicator in your trading system without first having some solid trading data to support your buying and selling choices. Because this is primarily a trend changing indicator that provides signs of market reversals, it is critical to understand the major trend you are now in.

Knowing what trend you are in relative to the time period that you are trading on is quite easy. I manually draw the trend lines on the chart which helps me a lot with trading because it makes easy for me to spot possible breakouts from uptrends or downtrends.

When drawing trend lines, the key idea is that you only need to design the dynamic diagonal support line for uptrends and the diagonal resistance lines for downtrends. During an uptrend, the support trend line is the one to keep an eye on. If the market breaks this line, it could mean that the trend is about to change or reverse. The opposite is true for downtrends. In a downtrend, the resistance trend line marks the end of the downtrend. If price breaks this resistance trend line, it could mean that the trend is about to turn up, so we should look for buy trades.

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