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Hull Trend Indicator

The Hull Trend MT5 indicator is a moving average indicator that does not draw a line. Instead, it is shown as colors directly on the price candles on the chart. While the moving average’s values are also visible, it can provide a good understanding of price movement. However, if the indicator is set up correctly, you can also make the line visible.

This is a top level indicator that analyzes trend phases. The indicator uses the Hull moving average as its basis. Those who have used the Hull moving average are familiar with its accuracy.

However, it is essential to choose the appropriate time frame if you want to use the Hull Trend indicator. Some amateur traders combine the Hull trend indicator with a short time frame trading approach and ultimately lose the majority of the time. You must combine the Hull trend indicator with a higher time frame trading strategy to secure your capital.

Instead of generating a colored moving average, this indicator colors the bars, providing us with key information about the possible trade setup. The blue bars indicate that the price is rising, while the brown bars point to a decline in the price.

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