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is forex income taxable

Is Forex Income Taxable? A Guide to Forex Income Taxation

Forex trading has gained immense popularity over the years, with many individuals entering this financial market for both primary and supplementary income. One pertinent question that many traders grapple with is, “Is forex income taxable?” The answer isn’t straightforward like many other financial queries. Let’s get into the various aspects of forex income and its … Read more

repaint vs non repaint indicators

Repaint Vs Non Repaint Indicators – Which is Better?

Repaint Vs Non Repaint Indicators – Which is Better? One of the frequently debated topics among forex traders is the reliability and efficiency of ‘repaint’ and ‘non-repaint’ indicators. When diving into the world of trading, whether it’s stocks, forex, or commodities, one thing traders often struggle with is selecting the perfect indicator for their strategy. … Read more

daily routine of successful traders

Daily Routine of Successful Traders

Success in trading doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not a game of luck or a matter of mere chance. Rather, it’s a product of a disciplined approach, consistency, and well-calibrated strategies. One of the key elements that separate successful traders from the rest is their daily routine. While every trader has their own unique set of … Read more

forex mentor benefits

10 Benefits of Having a Forex Mentor

The forex market can be a complex and challenging environment, especially for new traders. While many try to learn and trade by themselves, getting help from a forex mentor can be very helpful. A Forex mentor is an experienced trader who provides guidance, insights, and advice to those looking to increase their understanding and success … Read more

major forex news events

6 Major Forex News Events to Watch Out

Forex trading is deeply linked with various economic, political, and financial news events. Knowledge of these events is crucial for any trader who wants to succeed in this volatile market. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the major forex news events that you need to keep an eye on. Major Forex News Events that … Read more

how to draw support and resistance

How to Draw Support and Resistance Lines

Knowing how to draw support and resistance lines correctly is one of the essential tools in technical analysis that every trader should master. These key levels, formed through historical price actions, offer insights into potential price reversals and continuations. It helps traders figure out how prices might respond and how they might move in the … Read more

pin bar vs hammer

Pin Bar Vs Hammer – What’s The Difference?

Pin bar and Hammer are 2 candlestick patterns that often cause a bit of confusion among traders. At first glance, they may look similar, but upon closer inspection, you’ll find they have key differences that can significantly affect your trading strategy. In this article, we’ll compare the Pin Bar vs Hammer and clarify which one … Read more

forex scalping

Mastering Forex Scalping: A Guide to Quick Profits

Forex scalping is a popular trading strategy that aims to profit from small price movements in the forex market. Designed for traders who prefer a fast-paced environment, scalping involves entering and exiting trades within a short time frame, usually seconds to minutes. This guide offers you an in-depth look at various aspects of forex scalping, … Read more

us forex brokers with high leverage

Top 10 US Forex Brokers With High Leverage

Many traders struggle to find a good U.S. forex broker with high leverage. Traders are especially interested in the leverage that brokers offer. Higher leverage can maximize profits, but it’s essential to remember that it also increases risks. But do US forex brokers offer high leverage? If you’re on the hunt for US forex brokers … Read more

how to avoid revenge trading

How to Avoid Revenge Trading?

Revenge trading is a dangerous habit that can easily compromise discipline and ruin your trading account in a matter of minutes. Revenge trading happens when a trader tries to “get back” at the market following a losing trade. It’s an emotionally driven response that can result in more harm than good. But how can you … Read more