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what is a forex pip

What is a Forex Pip

Surely you have heard the word “pips” more than once. But what is a forex pip? What does it mean? Today, I want to explain what a pip in forex trading is and how to calculate it. What is a Pip? A pip stands for “Percentage In Point,” and it is the smallest change in … Read more

how to save a losing forex trade

How to Save a Losing Forex Trade

As a beginner or seasoned trader in the forex market, facing losses is an inevitable part of the trading journey. It’s a reality that can be nerve-wracking, especially if the trade starts going in the opposite direction of your prediction. However, the ability to navigate these choppy waters is what separates successful traders from those … Read more

how to identify sideways markets

4 Simple Ways How to Identify Sideways Market

When an asset price is not moving in an uptrend or a downtrend, but instead bouncing between two parallel levels, then you have a sideways market. It is easy to visually identify a sideways market on a chart, but the real problem is how to identify it at the beginning. The good news is that … Read more